30 July, 2010

28 July, 2010

Most Saturday mornings, I head over to the Farmer's Market to stock up on fresh veggies and fruit, pastured milk, eggs, etc. It's about a 20 minute walk from my house and on the way home I am usually bogged down with my bags. At the end of every block I stop, putting my loot down to give my arms and shoulders a break. Well no more. Why it took me so long to get something like this is beyond me, but behold my new farmers market/grocery store trolley:
It's lightweight, has an interior thermal pocket, and folds up (perfect for a ny apt.) The only thing I'm not wild about is the shiny material. I'll get over it... For others with a bit more storage space, this one is amazing:

27 July, 2010

I have been eyeing these No. 6 store clogs since Spring when I first saw them. Alas, yesterday I broke down. It was not an impulse buy. I feel like when you've been thinking of something for a long time and then you still want it, it's justified, you know? At least that's what Oprah says.. ; )

26 July, 2010

Bling on my Screen

Here are some recent gorgeous goodies from Erie Basin. Sigh....

23 July, 2010

20 July, 2010


This weekend, I headed up to Eastern MA to visit my dear friend Laura and her family. She has 2 little ones that I haven't seen in a while so it was fun to get some quality time with them. We went to the beach, read books, took naps and even took a trip to a real Target (sorry, the one here in Brooklyn simply does not count). On Sunday, Laura and I headed over for the last day of the Brimfield Antique Market. The last day means a lot of the good stuff (and vendors) are gone. But it also means there are some good deals to be found. Here are a few shots of the day..

all the notions in the top 4 photos are from nifty thrifty dry goods which had some AMAZING stuff. How great would it be to have a shoe rack like this???

13 July, 2010

Posting is going to be sparse these next couple of weeks... need to take some time away from the computer if you know what I mean... I just had to point out how amazingly gorgeous this sneak peak of Anne-Claire Rohé's home is. I love the mix-matched sensibility. The whole place just seems so calming..

see more shots over at Design Sponge

09 July, 2010

The River

I might as well round out the week with one last water post. This one brought to you by the Anthropologist. This short film by Derek Henderson is an homage to the Waikato River in North Central New Zealand, where his mother spent her childhood days.. Enjoy and have a happy weekend everyone ♥

07 July, 2010

Sea Life

Since we're going on day 2 of triple digits, I figured I'd stick with the water theme... I love these hauntingly beautiful photographs taken by Leah Nilson during a visit to her local aquarium. Magical!
for the full effect, listen to this ; )

06 July, 2010

It's a little warm here... supposed to get up to 101 today. In the city, with all the concrete, it will feel even hotter. I really wish I was someplace like this...
or this..
or maybe this..
or this would be nice too..
Stay cool!

02 July, 2010

Little Summer Poem Touching The Subject of Faith by Mary Oliver

Every summer
I listen and look
under the sun's brass and even
into the moonlight, but I can't hear

anything, I can't see anything --
not the pale roots digging down, nor the green
stalks muscling up,
nor the leaves
deepening their damp pleats,

nor the tassels making,
nor the shucks, nor the cobs.And still,every day,

the leafy fields
grow taller and thicker --
green gowns lofting up in the night,
showered with silk.

And so, every summer,
I fail as a witness, seeing nothing --
I am deaf too
to the tick of the leaves,

the tapping of downwardness from the banyan feet --

all of it
beyond any seeable proof, or hearable hum.

And, therefore, let the immeasurable come.
Let the unknowable touch the buckle of my spine.
Let the wind turn in the trees,
and the mystery hidden in the dirt

swing through the air.
How could I look at anything in this world
and tremble, and grip my hands over my heart?
What should I fear?

One morning
in the leafy green ocean
the honeycomb of the corn's beautiful body
is sure to be there.