27 March, 2012


22 March, 2012

I'm in love with every inch of this tiny house...

21 March, 2012

Such a lovely shop...

19 March, 2012

The new Mociun store opened this weekend. Lena took some great pictures here. I'm dying to visit...
I'm also madly in love with this ring

16 March, 2012

a print a day

15 March, 2012

How sweet are these t's, plush toys and felt artworks by Corby Tindersticks??


14 March, 2012


 bathing beauty
Veda and I took an impromptu trip to Miami this weekend to visit with a dear friend and her new baby boy. We had a blast- hanging on the beach, playing in the sand, chasing birds, clapping at waves, cooling off in the pool, napping ocean side and just getting some good quality time with friends. We treated ourselves to a room at the Sagamore, a surprisingly kid friendly art hotel right on the beach. For someone who hasn't been on vacation in over a year (besides visiting family), this was a treat! Also, the room had a separate living room where I could shut the door- essential for a baby who goes to sleep at 8pm (unless you don't mind hanging out in the bathroom for the rest of the night!). We even got to see my dad and his family for a lunch date at a playground one afternoon. The trip was pretty quick, but it certainly was nice to feel the warm sun on our winter bones! Veda was surprisingly easy to travel with, though solo airline travel with a 1 year is some serious stuff... I think she was just so excited by all the new places and things. She was an absolute gem. I would do it again in a heartbeat! But next time, it would be fun to have daddy along (he was on a rare work trip)!!
the Sagamore
Jamie and cute-as-can-be Beckett
 the view from our room!
 Veda with her aunt Jenna
 a sleepy Veda with me and my little brother and sister!
 Veda with great aunt Beth
someone LOVING the beach
ordering lunch by the pool
playing footsies with Beckett
mamas and babies

some sand may or may not have been eaten...
you know you had fun when you need a vacation from your vacation..

07 March, 2012

Life lately...

1-  a visit from Jane and Hope
2- a visit from Lisa, Michael and Indie
3, 4 - a visit from grandpa ♥ (btw.. when my dad was here, he and I worked on a pretty cool project together, which I'll share soon)
5, 6, 7, 8 - a visit from Laura, Penny and Zack