23 December, 2010

merry merry

wishing everyone a very happy holiday season. i'm off to the woods for the weekend to celebrate with family and good food and hopefully big roaring fires in the fireplace. merry merry!

our tree... next year there will be 3 stockings hanging from the fireplace. so crazy...... 

22 December, 2010

20 December, 2010

monday monday

happy monday everybody.. i awoke this morning with a very sore lower back. i knew this day was coming and honestly am grateful that it didn't occur earlier in the pregnancy, considering my prior back issues. i dragged myself to yoga class though and i am feeling a bit better..
just wanted to share a new blog with you today.. i may be a bit biased, but i think it's pretty great!



16 December, 2010

oh you tiny things

here are a few of the lovely items we've been gifted for the wee one...

from top: super soft and beautiful hand crocheted blanket made by my mother-in-law.
i know the we will all treasure this forever!
this tiny little rattle actually belonged to my husband (you can sort of make out his name engraved in the middle). it even has little nicks and dents made by his own tiny little hands. so special.
These adorable little mocs were gifted by the wee one's other nana- my mom. they're so tiny and precious!

There were other lovely gifts that I had to leave with my mom for now- but I should have them shortly and will be sure to document : )

14 December, 2010

annie larson

love the knitwear of annie larson..

via lena

13 December, 2010

31 weeks and counting

it's hard to believe i have less than 9 weeks to go with this pregnancy!! it's gone by quickly. i feel so lucky that besides a few aches and pains (and quite a bit of insomnia), it's for the most part, been really easy. in fact, i've so enjoyed the experience. the little kicks and punches are pretty constant these days- and they are magical. i love feeling her wiggle around! fingers are crossed that my good luck continues in the final stretch.  this weekend, my mom threw me a shower for our family and family friends. she included so many cute little details! i was really impressed and incredibly grateful! of course, i was too busy to take a lot of pics, but here are a few i managed before everyone got there...

one of my mom's oldest friends (going back to high school days) made the sweet little chocolate animal favors in the back. they were adorable - giraffes, lions, elephants- i just wish i got a better shot! she also assisted my mom in making the owl cupcakes. they were almost too cute to eat (almost)!

i love this vintage baby scale that my mom got for me (and from what i hear, they're actually quite useful). the little owl tags were made by my friend janey. people wrote down advice for us- something all 1st time parents need!

taking cues from the shower we threw for our friend maggie, she made this adorable banner out of old fabrics of mine that she's held onto since i was in high school. i didn't even recognize them! i really love how she wove the ribbon through..

these log stands were re-used from our wedding. mom stamped the cards and labeled the dishes. love those stamps!

this was the cutest guest at the shower. love this dog!

and here i am a few days before the shower- exactly 31 weeks. i've probably gotten bigger since then (especially with all the yummy foods at the shower)!

07 December, 2010

busy busy busy

'tis the season, right? we got our tree this weekend. i love it. i plug it in whenever i'm home. it's so sparkly and pretty. it just makes you happy to look at it. need to fill it in with a few more ornaments this year.. then i'll post pics...

02 December, 2010


I've been casually searching the flea markets for the past few months searching for the perfect locket. these ones from doyle and doyle are so picture perfect (though just a wee bit beyond my budget)...

01 December, 2010

baby on the brain

more inspirational images for all things baby related..

admittedly, i have completely failed at documenting the sources for these images. i believe a good majority of them are from ohdeedoh. i promise to be better in the future (it must be that mommy brain thing... ; )

30 November, 2010

i must admit, i feel pretty lucky to have married a man with family in san francisco. not only did i live there for 4 years, but it's one of my favorite places period. this was an especially good trip. i took hardly any pictures at all, but here are a few...
thanksgiving was just the 5 of us at my in-laws. yummy and relaxing and perfect!

 my in laws got 2 new kittens. they are insanely cute. 
no trip would be complete without an almond croissant from boulangerie

one day we took a drive over to the east bay to see the area where my husband grew up. we ended up here at tilden park- a spot i'd never been to before. it had the most spectacular view of the entire bay (which my iphone pic shot directly into the sunlight does not do justice). we drove down through the berkeley hills where i would seriously consider moving to if we ever decide to head back west...
my sister and mother in law threw me a mini shower along with some of my (still) best girlfriends who live in san francisco. it was small and intimate and just perfect. i felt really lucky to have such a wonderful family and to have the kind of old friends who it feels like time never passes...

other highlights of our trip included an incredible dinner at quince- which i've been hearing yummy reviews about for years; meeting esther (and seeing what a good big sister dottie is); staying at a beautiful old hotel; as well as visiting the most gorgeous shop where my friend allie does design work..
feeling very blessed.... hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving! xo

23 November, 2010

pie, originally uploaded by Emerson Merrick.

signing off early for the week. we are headed to san francisco to spend thanksgiving with my husband's family. soooooo excited! i miss that place. also, it's our last big hurrah before the wee one's arrival! happy holidays to all! xoxo

22 November, 2010

18 November, 2010

how sweet are these rag dolls by jess brown?

17 November, 2010

little doe

i recently discovered little doe via my friend hannah. i'm in love with their stuff. wish i was running around in the desert with feathers in my hair right now...