31 March, 2011


okay, so it's supposed to snow here tomorrow. lame. and, even if i could afford these fashions, they wouldn't fit my post baby body at the moment (i know, give it time!). but still, a cranky, sleep deprived new mom can dream, right?

from top:
rachel comey top (why do crop tops have to come into style the year i have a baby?!)
rachel comey dress- cute, and possibly accessible for nursing ; )
Argila shoes - these i could actually wear (though i can't actually afford them ; )
de palma handsewn bag - something like this would make for a very stylish diaper bag!

23 March, 2011

The nursery

here are some pics of veda's nursery. this room used to be our shared office/storage space. the room has only one window which faces an air shaft and doesn't let in much light. originally we painted it a deep chocolate brown, which made the room have a cozy den like feeling. now that it's a nursery, we decided to paint the walls a clean white, making the room feel fresh and light and much more of a sanctuary...
we we're lucky enough to be handed down the stokke crib from my boss. the LOVE print above the crib is from bold and noble; the bird mobile is from petit collage; one of my favorite things in the room- the elephant hamper was a gift from my aunts ♥
the changing table is from ikea, though i changed the knobs out with some vintage yellow ones i found on ebay. the heart print is from rifle; the sunflower print is by spread the love; the turtles were a gift from my sister in law; the bear is by kuma; the bunny is by sleepy king; and the vintage blocks are from scout dry goods
we needed to keep some sort of desk for us to work out of, so we got this small one from ikea that we share;  the print above the ikea desk is from fine little day; the grano glider recliner was a gift from my husband's family. it is the most comfortable chair in our home!; the apple pillow and the giraffe lamp are from jonathan adler; the lamp is vintage and the blanket was a labor of love by mama!
the wire baskets we're an idea i totally borrowed from another blogger, as well as the inspiration for the doll on the bottom right that i made; the doll on the left was custom made by warm sugar; and the doll on the top right is by lucky boy sunday
i lined the wall behind the bookcase with vintage wallpaper; there are prints by ashley g. and dutch door press as well as fifi lapin; the elephant is from abc carpet; the monkey is from acorn- as well as the blue wooden cloud blocks. 

putting the room together was a nice way to feel connected to the little being that was growing inside of me.. thinking of her playing in here, sleeping and dreaming in here... now, i take veda around the room and show her all of the little things that we picked out just for her, hoping that she will enjoy it as much as we do! ♥

15 March, 2011

Sonia Delaunay

can't wait to see this exhibit..

14 March, 2011

One Month

dear veda,
it's hard to believe an entire month has passed since the day you were born.... and yet at the same time, i can hardly imagine what life was like before you!! you have changed everything.. in the most beautiful and wonderful ways.. here are a few notes about what life has been like this past month:

from the first week, you have blessed us with smiles! and not just the i-passed-gas variety- but real, genuine i'm-happy smiles. when it's 2:00am and i'm exhausted and can't believe 3 hours have passed since you last ate, that little smile is like a miracle! you are particularly happy right after you have eaten (if you're not asleep), when you hear my voice or when you see your dad's face. everyone keeps telling us how rare it is for an infant as young as you to smile socially, so thank you.. those first few weeks can be challenging, to say the least- but a smile goes a long way...

you are also quite alert for a newborn. this last week you have started to really make and hold eye contact. you'll trace movements with your eyes as well. you have a strong neck and are always surprising us by holding it up and looking around. again, you seem very alert and curious. you are definitely not one of those newborns that just sleeps all the time ; ) you seem to like all types of music- which is good, because dad and i are trying to ensure that you are the type of baby that will sleep anywhere, no matter what is going on or how loud it is. plus, we want you to have good taste in music!

you're generally a pretty happy camper. usually you follow a pattern that goes something like this: nurse. quiet alert time. sleep (though sometimes the quiet alert or the sleep phase gets skipped). in the last week or so there has been some fussiness, especially in the evenings- which is apparently pretty common. the things that will usually get you to wind down are swaddling; being carried on your side in a football hold that only dad seems to be able to get right; white noise (usually the fan on the oven does the trick); dancing with mama; rocking in the rocking chair; sucking on a finger or as of yesterday, a pacifier; being worn; going for a walk; and if all else fails, nursing (even if it seems like you just ate!). mostly, it seems you just want to be held... which i'm trying to treasure (even if that means i get nothing done) because i can only imagine how quickly that will change. you're so sweet and i love the way you nuzzle into my neck when we dance.. your tiny little hands on my chest and arm.

during the day, you'll nap on the couch, in your moses basket or in the mamaroo. at night you sleep in the moses basket next to our bed, though we often will pull you into our bed, especially early in the morning. sometimes, you just want to be close to us! in those early dawn hours, when the 3 of us are snuggled in bed, those are the moments when i feel the most grateful for this little family that we have become.

you're so lucky to have many many friends and family that are already showering you with lots of love and support. in the last few weeks, we've had people make us food, buy us groceries, run errands for us, and offer their help in many other ways. it's quite a little community we have here, in addition to our amazing families and for that we are very thankful!!

looking back, i can't believe how much you've already changed! your cheeks are filling out, your eyes are open wider.. you seem to be keeping your thick head of dark hair though! most people think you look like your dad, but you also look a lot like me when i was a baby. you definitely have my long fingers and toes!

when i look at you i see so much hope and possibility. i wonder what you will become. i wonder how we can best support you to be whatever it is that you decide to be. i know we'll make mistakes. but we'll always do the best we can at any given moment. we'll always be there for you and we'll always love you will all of our hearts.


10 March, 2011

the new gowns from Anthropologie's wedding line BHLDN are simply stunning!! Sort of makes me want to have a wedding all over again! (don't worry, just kidding; )

08 March, 2011

Andrew had to go back to work yesterday. We were lucky that he was able to be home for the first 3 weeks of Veda's life (by American standards at least). But still.. it went by way too quickly for all of us. I always knew he would make an incredibly patient, loving and fun father, but nothing could prepare me for the way my heart completely melts when I see his eyes light up every time he sees her. Somehow I love him more, though I didn't know it was possible. There is nothing in the world like the relationship between a father and his daughter...
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥