30 June, 2011

21 June, 2011

happy first day of summer!

i would love to whittle away a few afternoons this summer like this...


more grannies

you know i love me some granny squares.. this new project from purl soho looks fun. place mats that are essentially giant granny squares!

19 June, 2011

happy father's day!

there's something special between a father and a daughter. there was never a safer place in the world than in my dad's arms. his hugs still bring me a peace in my heart that nothing else compares to. knowing the way i feel towards my own father has made it even more special to watch andrew become a father to veda. the way he cares for her and protects her.. the love that pours from his heart every time his eyes fall upon her. and the way her tiny little face lights up when she sees him. one of my favorite parts of becoming a mom has been watching him become a dad.

this is year is even more special because my own dad (and step mom and sister and brother) are all here visiting. happy father's day to veda's dad, my dad, and all the wonderful dads in the world!

(my dad with me and veda, respectively. things have changed just a bit...)

16 June, 2011


my friend and fellow FIT classmate, Olan,  is living the dream up in her home town of Portland, Maine. She and her boyfriend recently launched their own line of screen printed towels, pillows and notebooks. I'm soooo excited for her as this has been an idea of hers since we we're in school. I'm also a tad jealous. And totally inspired. Here's to following your dreams!!

check them out here

15 June, 2011

these kilim rugs are on sale at one kings lane today. aren't they lovely?

13 June, 2011

4 months old

Dear Veda,

My sweet girl, you are 4 months old already! The time is flying by, and yet I can hardly remember what life was like before you. You are changing and growing in leaps and bounds it seems. I can barely keep up! I'm really enjoying this age though. I love the way your face lights up into a huge toothless smile every time you see me or your dad. The best part of the day is first thing in the morning when, after a while of you playing alone in your bed, you finally give a little "good morning!" cry.. and I lean over and look in on you- and in that moment of recognition the sheer joy on your face when you see me- it just melts my heart... The first couple of months I was overwhelmed by how much I loved you- so completely and quickly.. and now, in addition to that, I feel overwhelmed by just how deeply I feel you love me! It feels really nice to be needed in such a way. Thank you for that gift....

*as of today, you are 13 lbs and 24" long- and growing like a bean!

*you are now not only exploring our faces with your eyes, but with you hands and fingers as well - poking, prodding, (pinching!). everything is new and exciting. you are much more coordinated as you reach and grab for things and hold them - usually in your mouth which is where most everything immediately goes. you especially love to gnaw on your crocheted wooden teething ring, sophie giraffe (of course), and mommy and daddy's fingers (yummy!). You are learning to soothe yourself by sucking your thumb. It's pretty cute actually..  you have also discovered your feet and love to play with them and even occasionally stick them in your mouth (as do I ;)

*you love to be pulled up to a sitting position. you look around in sheer delight- so proud of yourself. you are also starting to try to stand- and you're incredibly strong. i'm not even close to ready for that, so please, let's slow down and take things one step at a time (please don't follow in your father's footsteps and walk at 9 months!!).

*you're still sleeping pretty well at night, though lately you're too distracted during the day to eat, so you wake earlier than you were before, but it's still only once, so I don't mind so much.. you've also started to develop a nap routine- taking a pretty long (1.5-2 hour) nap in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

*lately, you are starting to explore different noises and volumes with your voice. you sometimes do a little fake cough- which is pretty funny... you are giggling a lot more. it's totally infectious!

*you can scoot around a bit on your back as well as your tummy. one day dad had set you down on the farm for a few minutes and when he came back, you had scooted off and under the coffee table! you are also rolling over a lot more these days (still from front to back for the most part).

*you grandparents visited from idaho this month. unfortunately you had a tiny little bit of a cold (your first one!) and weren't 100%.  they were so excited to see you again, i don't think they even noticed!

*we took you on your first airplane trip cross country. you were pretty good, though you weren't a fan of sitting in one place for so long (who is?). Once we would get up and walk around and you could see all of the people, you were happy as could be. You were such a good sport in LA as we dragged you around all over the place. The time zone didn't seem to affect you too much either- which was a huge relief!

I love seeing the world anew through your eyes - trying to imagine how impressive and beautiful it must seem to you. Looking at the world through your eyes reminds me of how magical it all really is...


12 June, 2011

i've always marveled at how some girls wear their scarves in such cool ways that seem so effortless. i've never quite mastered the skill myself. but maybe now with this video from echo, i might have a chance...

10 June, 2011

we just got back from a trip to los angeles, visiting friends and exploring the area. our main purpose for the trip was to attend the wedding of a very dear old friend of mine from back in the UO college days. we we're lucky enough to live together here in NY a few years ago before she moved back to LA. she's one of my most favorite people..

and isn't she lovely? (i was lucky that they had scarves to hand out to guests- who knew it was so chilly in LA?); the most beautiful chuppah i've ever seen...
yummy dessert table complete with doggie bags; big love ♥
it was Veda's first wedding (it was her first everything really...) she slept through a good portion of it, which is a shame because nobody got to see her sweet little dress!

we spent the rest of the trip visiting our dear friends who also recently moved back to LA from brooklyn. they took us to the huntington botanical gardens in san marino. they were incredible!!
my favorite was the desert garden- i love succulants!
this bamboo grove was so serene and pretty...
our friends live in silver lake- which is too charming for words. i loved all the little bungalow style houses and desert plants in the landscaping. i could totally live there...

we went to celebrate our friend's birthday at her sister's house in santa monica. they made an incredible brunch followed by the most amazing birthday cake i have ever seen (4 layers in each piece)! we picnicked out on the front lawn. it was just perfect!

02 June, 2011

really loving the work of leah duncan...