25 August, 2010

ruffles and bows oh my!

i wanna play dress up in these...
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24 August, 2010

loving these gocco prints from alice apple's etsy shop!
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23 August, 2010

rainy sunday afternoon project

sunday was rainy and gross outside - which was fine with me. it gave me an excuse to do a few things around the house. i had been meaning to reupholster our dining room chairs pretty much ever since we bought them (going on 2 year ago). recently, i came across the perfect fabric. it took longer than i thought for each chair and i still have a few to go (there are 6 chairs total) but so far, i'm pretty pleased!

20 August, 2010

19 August, 2010


The August issue of Brides magazine features a wedding invitation printed by my lovely friends over at Dutch Door Press and designed by yours truly! This was actually my own wedding invitation design. Later, there was additional interest by Dutch Door Press clients to use the design so I decided to license it out. I've also been working on a few additional designs to add to the collection.. coming soon!

18 August, 2010

i wish i did..
from the talented folks over at Bold and Noble (I have their "love" poster and it's fabulous)
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16 August, 2010

my favorite season

is there anything prettier than a summer ripe tomato?

13 August, 2010

Pretty paintings

There's something about Janet Hill's ultra feminine nostalgic paintings that I absolutely love. Typically my style isn't quite so girlie, but these are just plain pretty! I love how she brings a vintage glamour to the every day.

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10 August, 2010

I'm so very excited about our new pillows from Twentyfive!! I love the colors and the pattern. They are just the thing we needed to spruce up our living room.  Plus they're hand printed on this super soft hemp/cotton blend. I had a bit of a difficult time getting these (a FedEx debaucle) and Oami of Judah Ross was so helpful and kind. She even sent me a little extra something. Thank you Oami!

09 August, 2010


We spent the weekend down in the D.C. area with some friends. We visited the nation's capital and strolled around the monuments which I hadn't done since I was a wee one. We had a crab feast- my first. It was delicious! and so messy and fun. We visited Georgetown and had some of the most amazing ice cream. All in all, it was a great weekend getaway!
Yes, I'm a dork

the ceiling of the Lincoln Memorial
 the man himself..

06 August, 2010

New Dress

This week was the final class in Jenny Gordy's summer dress making class (through Lena Corwin's studio). Here is the final result:
I love the dress- so perfect for these hot summer days! I had one little screw up though... I overestimated on the size and it turned out too big. I hadn't washed the (100% cotton) fabric beforehand (I know I know) so I threw it in the wash on "very hot". Well, shrink it did. The fit is perfect now. The only problem is that I washed out a bit of the color. The original fabric is this great poppy color and now I'm left with this pumpkin orange color. O well.. there's always got to be something right? The point is I made something.. and it really felt good to be using my hands again!!
Happy Weekend to you all!

03 August, 2010


Loving these shots by Janne Peters. The colors are amazing...

02 August, 2010

This weekend the temperature dropped down into the 70's at night! It actually felt chilly - which of course it really wasn't. It's just that we haven't felt anything below 80 in weeks. It did remind me though that holy crap it's AUGUST! and that means September is just around the corner.. and with it real actual cooler weather. My feet haven't seen anything besides sandals in months, but when the need arises, I think they'd love to be wearing these babies...
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