06 August, 2010

New Dress

This week was the final class in Jenny Gordy's summer dress making class (through Lena Corwin's studio). Here is the final result:
I love the dress- so perfect for these hot summer days! I had one little screw up though... I overestimated on the size and it turned out too big. I hadn't washed the (100% cotton) fabric beforehand (I know I know) so I threw it in the wash on "very hot". Well, shrink it did. The fit is perfect now. The only problem is that I washed out a bit of the color. The original fabric is this great poppy color and now I'm left with this pumpkin orange color. O well.. there's always got to be something right? The point is I made something.. and it really felt good to be using my hands again!!
Happy Weekend to you all!

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