27 October, 2010


pretty lovelies for a wednesday morning...

necklace by lizzy fortunato
bracelet by lauren manoogian
all found at totokaelo

26 October, 2010

how cool is this kids car/rocking chair by hans brockhage from the 1950's??

from mid mod design

25 October, 2010

24 weeks

this week marked my 24th week of pregnancy! that's roughly 5 1/2 months (i think anyway- there seems to be varying opinions, but that makes sense to me..). i'm feeling good for the most part and have really begun enjoying this magical journey of pregnancy. my favorite thing is feeling her move around and throw punches and kicks. it's honestly one of the most amazing things i've ever experienced! this weekend we celebrated as one of my oldest friends tied the knot- right here in brooklyn. it was a gorgeous fall day and it was so nice to hang out with old friends. my dear friend maggie is just 2 1/2 months ahead of me. it's been fun to go through all of this together and, in all honesty, it's really nice to have her go first!
here's a shot of the 2 of us and our bumps ♥

21 October, 2010

pretty on paper

such lovely and delicate paintings/illustrations by finnish artist anna emilia laitenen

via rifle

19 October, 2010

orla kiely ceramics

cute new ceramics by orla kiely..

15 October, 2010

so far, i've made exactly 3 purchases for our little baby bird's arrival..

life factory bpa-free glass baby bottles with silicone sleeves purchased on sale from gilt.. babies need bottles right?
to be honest, this was a bit of an impulse gilt purchase. i'm not even sure diaper bags are necessary, nor am i really all that into polka dots..... but this mia bosse one is pretty lovely and it was majorly reduced. still, i'm not totally certain i won't be reselling it- especially since i saw this.. not specifically a "diaper bag", but it's big and roomy and has lot's of compartments. hmmm...
too sweet strawberry one-sie from whole foods. so tiny!

14 October, 2010

i'm feeling a bit limited with my fall wardrobe these days- what with a growing belly and all. i'm doing my best to avoid maternity clothes (except for some jeans- what did they do before those elastic waistbands?). this means a lot of basics dressed up with fun accessories- especially jewelry. i'm so impressed by the pieces that were made by the students from the jewelry class with kate miss over at lena corwin's studio! aren't they amazing?! i hope this class is offered again soon!

13 October, 2010

lanvin's library

the selby recently featured some shots taken of jeanne Lanvin's private library in Paris. they are SO gorgeous and inspiring!

12 October, 2010

A lovely weekend at home

this was the first weekend that we've been home in 3 weeks. it was also really really gorgeous. the kind of weather that you wish would last forever but only last a few weeks at most- crisp, a little cool in the shade and lot's of sunshine! it was nice to catch up with friends and enjoy of our beloved city..

friday night dinner over at our friends house with homemade apple cake with and caramel cream cheese frosting.. yummmm!
our dear friends jon and danielle who will be leaving us next week when they move back to LA :(
the hosts- jonah and hannah and teddy too!
we are blessed ♥
sunday we met some friends in the park in dumbo for a picnic.. this is our tiniest friend Cela!
we also got to visit with our friend jaime visiting from san francisco
hope you all had a lovely weekend! xo

07 October, 2010

baby on the brain

it would be a lie to say that i don't have a wee bit of baby on the brain.. it's hard to ignore the growing bump of my belly! we're in the beginning stages of figuring out how we're going to convert our current office into a nursery/office shared space. there's so many cute ideas out there. here are a few things i've marked for inspiration...

love that they went dark with a baby room! i'm not a huge fan of saccharin sweetness so this appeals to me- though i think what makes it work is the great light that comes in from the large window (something our nursery space lacks)

this color palette is so pretty!

this is a great use of space and storage- and again, a fun and unusual color palette

LOVE this... hmmm.. my to do craft list is growing...

this room is so bright and cheery and simple... also with a nice big window!

05 October, 2010


this past friday, andrew and i hopped on a plane after work and flew down to surprise my dad for his 60th birthday. he had absolutely no idea that we were coming. i've never surprised anyone like that- and i have to say the look on his face when he opened the door and saw us standing there was priceless! we had such a great weekend visiting with family and basking in the beautiful florida sunshine. i've never enjoyed giving a gift as much as this.. happy birthday dear dad!!! xoxo