07 October, 2010

baby on the brain

it would be a lie to say that i don't have a wee bit of baby on the brain.. it's hard to ignore the growing bump of my belly! we're in the beginning stages of figuring out how we're going to convert our current office into a nursery/office shared space. there's so many cute ideas out there. here are a few things i've marked for inspiration...

love that they went dark with a baby room! i'm not a huge fan of saccharin sweetness so this appeals to me- though i think what makes it work is the great light that comes in from the large window (something our nursery space lacks)

this color palette is so pretty!

this is a great use of space and storage- and again, a fun and unusual color palette

LOVE this... hmmm.. my to do craft list is growing...

this room is so bright and cheery and simple... also with a nice big window!

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