25 October, 2010

24 weeks

this week marked my 24th week of pregnancy! that's roughly 5 1/2 months (i think anyway- there seems to be varying opinions, but that makes sense to me..). i'm feeling good for the most part and have really begun enjoying this magical journey of pregnancy. my favorite thing is feeling her move around and throw punches and kicks. it's honestly one of the most amazing things i've ever experienced! this weekend we celebrated as one of my oldest friends tied the knot- right here in brooklyn. it was a gorgeous fall day and it was so nice to hang out with old friends. my dear friend maggie is just 2 1/2 months ahead of me. it's been fun to go through all of this together and, in all honesty, it's really nice to have her go first!
here's a shot of the 2 of us and our bumps ♥

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  1. you are looking absolutely adorable heather!!!! xoxoxoxoxox