12 October, 2010

A lovely weekend at home

this was the first weekend that we've been home in 3 weeks. it was also really really gorgeous. the kind of weather that you wish would last forever but only last a few weeks at most- crisp, a little cool in the shade and lot's of sunshine! it was nice to catch up with friends and enjoy of our beloved city..

friday night dinner over at our friends house with homemade apple cake with and caramel cream cheese frosting.. yummmm!
our dear friends jon and danielle who will be leaving us next week when they move back to LA :(
the hosts- jonah and hannah and teddy too!
we are blessed ♥
sunday we met some friends in the park in dumbo for a picnic.. this is our tiniest friend Cela!
we also got to visit with our friend jaime visiting from san francisco
hope you all had a lovely weekend! xo

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