29 November, 2009

More holiday craft love!

So, I've been diligently making pompoms for my wreath, but it seems I might never have enough to finish it in time for the holidays! However, now that I've seen this beauty over at Smile and Wave, I feel like I at least have a great backup. How cute is this?

I especially love how she pinned the decorative pieces to it, making it easy to change them up from year to year. Who knows.. Perhaps I'll end up making both!

27 November, 2009

Rifle Paper Co.

This week, the amazingly talented Anna Bond launched her eagerly awaited online shop, Rifle. It is filled to the rim with gorgeous stationery, prints, wrapping paper and other lovely paper goods. I absolutely adore her whimsical designs. This is the kind of stuff that makes my heart flutter. So inspiring! Swoon. And sigh...

25 November, 2009

Give Thanks

I'm signing off for the long Holiday weekend. Thanksgiving is my favorite. The food. The gathering of friends and family. The moment to pause, reflect, give thanks. I am a blessed person.. Here are a few of the things I am thankful for:




Happy Thanksgiving!! xoxo

24 November, 2009

Bag Love

For those of you who live in urban areas, you know that our bags are like other people's cars. They're where we have to keep all of our everyday needs along with the essential just-in-case items. I used to be one for switching out bags to match my moods (or my outfits), but nowadays, for the most part, I tend to keep just one bag for daytime use. This year, I'm on the hunt for a brown leather bag. Beautiful buttery caramel colored brown.. not too light, but not too dark.. Here are a few that I've come across, some more affordable than others...

from top; linea pelle, linea pelle, the sak , anthropologie, etsy

23 November, 2009

Craft Madness

Remember back in September when I was ready to get my craft on? Admittedly, the only one of those projects that I've started is the Charlie Harper needlepoint. And by started, I mean got the pattern and spent 2 hours in Purl picking out yarn for the project. The thing is, I've never actually done needlepoint, so I'll have to teach myself that first. The other problem is that I've started a few additional projects in the meantime, including this and this and this. And just to add to the mix, now I've decided I really want to make a granny square afghan for our couch. I can't decide if I want to do 1 giant granny square like this:

Or a bunch of small granny squares crocheted together like this:

I'm leaning toward the latter. I'm trying to do all of these projects simultaneously, and it's not really working out. I think I need to focus on 1 or 2 at a time. That way, I'll actually make progress and will be motivated to continue. There are just so many great projects out there and so little time... :)
from top: purl, unknown, wren handmade, flickr

21 November, 2009

Hello Gorgeous!!

I love polaroid cameras. I have about 5 of them, possibly more hidden away in storage (aka my mom's house).. land cameras, sx70's, and newer versions too. I love the colors they produce, the instant gratification as you watch the image slowly appear, like magic through the emulsion. Over the years, it became more difficult to find film for the older cameras, and now of course production on all film products has stopped. It's been a sad time for analog people. However, there is hope! The Impossible Project, which aims to relaunch production of the film in 2010 is making strides and it looks like this project might not be so impossible after all. In the meantime, this little gem could certainly hold me over..

19 November, 2009

Still swooning over Suno

Okay, I know it's only November... and really it's not even that cold out yet. Truthfully,  I actually love this time year. I swear! February however, is a different story. But still.. I couldn't help but post more gorgeous goodies by Suno to look forward to in the Spring! Love the styling as well..

all photos by Tina Tyrell

17 November, 2009


Loving these cozy hand crafted booties by Manimal!

And what about the ribcage flats? They're also gorgeous...

hmm.. think I know what's going on my wishlist this winter. For serious inspiration, check out Kristen Lombardi's blog as well!

suzani love

I love this bedroom.. the mixture of old and new, high and low.

These images are especially inspiring as we're looking for new bedding and have been considering a suzani.  Here are a few found on ebay:

The other option we've been considering are these vintage embroidered bedspreads from Mexico (also found on ebay):

I love them both.. What do you think?

16 November, 2009

vintage plates

So, I've started a little vintage plate collection. I only have a few so far. Not sure how many more I'll get. What do you think?

13 November, 2009

Fabric Pumpkins

I am definitely making these! Though I have about 3 projects going on simultaneously, I am going to try and squeeze these in before Thanksgiving. Aren't they lovely?

I love the mixture of pattern, velvet and lace. Stay tuned for the tutorial here.

11 November, 2009

It's Wednesday

Untitled-3_3s, originally uploaded by Anna Kharina.


10 November, 2009

In Search of Eustace

I absolutely love this collection of photographs and words by David Eustace and his teenage daughter Rachel documenting a 3 week road trip they took together across the US. It's an incredibly touching portrait of a father and daughter simultaneously getting to know each other on a deeper level and preparing for the inevitable separation as she goes out on her own in the world. The honesty and vulnerability they're willing to share is what makes it so compelling. Take a moment to explore...

09 November, 2009

Happy Monday!

Is that even possible? I know, it's hard.. but perhaps these lovely little pics will brighten your day! xo