12 September, 2009

Get your craft on

The weather has started to turn a bit this week. There is a slight chill in the air reminding us that summer is sighing her goodbyes and that autumn is around the corner. Like a lot of people who live in the NE, autumn is my favorite season (it used to be spring, but we don't seem to get spring anymore.. it just goes from freezing to humid). One of the things I love about fall is the excuse to stay indoors and get my craft on. These are a few of the projects I hope to complete this fall/winter. I'll keep you posted..

These soap dispensers from Design Sponge are so pretty. perhaps I would actually keep the soap on the counter instead of under the sink where it currently lives..

Charlie Harper needlepoint canvases from Purl. I hope they get more in.. the ones I wanted went like hot cakes!

These embroidered sampler pillows from Purl are so sweet. I really want to redo our bedroom this year and I love the tiny sweet line work of these pillows. I think they would be especially great in fun bright colors..

yoyo! I've always wanted to learn how to make these.. not sure I need anymore pillows, but perhaps I'll think of a different canvas for them...


  1. i strung these together and made a necklace. it's so freakin cute and so easy to make. kind of looks like a cross between a hawaiian lei and a strand of seashells (they're all in sand and cream colors)

  2. i am so excited to see some cool needlepoint canvases... most needlepoint stores only have fussy old-fashioned designs which i don't like, and i'm not clever enough to do my own. this post has inspired me to be crafty too! :)