30 September, 2010

28 September, 2010

yesterday we found out that we're having a girl!! we are so excited. of course we would have been thrilled either way.. but just knowing has somehow made it feel a bit more real all of a sudden. i've been holding off on crafting and really shopping of any kind, but perhaps now i'll indulge in a few little sweet things!

27 September, 2010

a weekend in the country

we spent the weekend at my mom's house in the country. so nice. need to go more often... this time of year is especially beautiful!!

24 September, 2010

happy weekend

lacecurtains, originally uploaded by danske.

enjoy the weekend! we're off again- to the country.. apple picking, fairs, etc. i'll be back on tuesday with some exciting news........ xo

23 September, 2010


happy fall! i've been so busy lately, i didn't even realize it was upon us.. i wish fall would last until Feb. and then just 2 months of winter. yes, that would be nice..

from top:
crisp days
quiet walks
beautiful stacks
cozy scarves
baking again
a cup of tea
natures bling

21 September, 2010

ny fashion week part 2

here's a few more highlights from ny fashion week...
cute prints and colors from a d├ętacher...
soft and feminine with a bit of vintage flair from lorick...
love the hand crafted look of malandrino...
loved the turbans at milly...
always ♥ rachel comey...

16 September, 2010

ny fashion week

it's ny fashion week! one of the few perks of my job is getting to go to a couple of shows a season (this year it was anna sui and milly- pictures soon)! textile design is a very behind the scenes occupation, so it's super exciting to come and see a few of the fruits of my labor actually being strutted down the runway! the new venue at lincoln center is gorgeous and feels a bit more special. i've been trying to keep up with the shows on style.com.  here are a few highlights of the spring '11 fashion season so far..
loving the muted brights of marc jacobs...

 vena cava is so wearable and so cute!

always love Suno.. and how about the amazing collaboration with loeffler randall for the shoe collection?!! ♥

loving the flirty 70's style of Rebecca Taylor's collection..

13 September, 2010

BBW Fall '10

Built by Wendy Fall 2010 is out.. sooo cute! i will have to admire from afar.. i won't be able to squeeze into any of these this fall!! ; )

09 September, 2010

wild west part 2

one of my favorite parts of visiting idaho is the horses. in particular there are some horses that are kept nearby and we make it a point to visit (almost daily) to bring them apples or carrots. they're huge, majestic animals (i'm not sure what kind of horses these ones are, but they are particularly large!). one of them makes a funny flopping noise with his lips which we can never stop laughing about (we're an easily entertained bunch). i just think these creatures are so beautiful....

08 September, 2010

wild west

i feel like i've been gone forever! we recently returned from 7 lovely days in idaho with our families- that's right, both of our families! and you know what? it was wonderful. we are super lucky to both have such amazing families who not only love and nurture us but genuinely like each other and get along.  whenever i mention to people that we're going to idaho, they say enjoy the midwest. idaho is actually in the west. and it can feel like the wild west. sleepy little towns miles from nowhere... gorgeous mountains and clean rivers... fresh air! such a nice and welcome change. here are a few pics from our trip. thank you again to my in-laws who were the most gracious hosts ever!!
red fish lake

this cute lady is my mom

my stepdad and husband
how cute is this house?
pretty window boxes
andrew and his new old jansport

07 September, 2010

2 years... and a surprise

yesterday we celebrated our 2 year anniversary! it was a gorgeous day spent with friends walking around and enjoying our city followed by a yummy dinner at one of our favorite spots. i'm not sure how it's possible, but every day i love this man more and more..
this is going to be a particularly exciting year for us.. and in fact, this will be our last anniversary as a family of 2!! .........we are expecting our first child- due on valentines day!!!  we are beyond thrilled and cannot wait to meet the wee one! it's hard to believe that next year we will be a family of 3!! ♥ ♥ ♥

01 September, 2010

The wilderness Downtown

This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while... I ♥ it!!
check it out here
p.s. only works in chrome