07 September, 2010

2 years... and a surprise

yesterday we celebrated our 2 year anniversary! it was a gorgeous day spent with friends walking around and enjoying our city followed by a yummy dinner at one of our favorite spots. i'm not sure how it's possible, but every day i love this man more and more..
this is going to be a particularly exciting year for us.. and in fact, this will be our last anniversary as a family of 2!! .........we are expecting our first child- due on valentines day!!!  we are beyond thrilled and cannot wait to meet the wee one! it's hard to believe that next year we will be a family of 3!! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. oh heather!! and andrew!!!! this is the BEST news... we are so excited for you and your little one. oh, i just don't have the words... i hope to see you soon!

    my word verification is pregega... :)

  2. thanks heather!! we're so excited.. and a bit nervous.. but mostly just feeling really blessed. we're planning a trip to the compound (wayne's world) the weekend of the 25th if you're around. would love to see you guys! xo
    p.s. hope the homeschooling is going well!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! So excited for both of you! (really ALL of you). This is such an exciting time for everyone. A time of dreams and plans and expectations....hope you are taking pictures in front of the same thing every month, like standing sideways in front of a blank wall or the fridge...so you and the wee one can laugh when you look at them together to see how he/she is growing....family tradition....;>) Hope you are doing well....