27 September, 2011

On the move..

There are lots of changes going on around here these days. Big changes. We've decided to move. We've been thinking about it for a while. We have a lovely but small apartment in a wonderful neighborhood in an amazing city. But... we desperately want to have more space, including some space outside! (It would also be nice not to have to haul a stroller and a baby and the groceries up to the 3rd floor!!). We've been living in tiny apartments the better part of our adult lives, and we're ready for a change. Still... I wake up at 4am and find myself terrified of leaving this place. This home... We're not totally settled on exactly where we'll be moving to- but most likely it will be out of the city. We're going to look in some other neighborhoods in Brooklyn that are bit more affordable- and who knows?? Most likely though we're heading out to an area known as the 'burbs. The 'burbs of NYC, but still.. the 'burbs. Anyway, whatever we decide, we''re currently trying to sell our home (having to have a pristine apartment every weekend for an open house is not fun with a nearly 8 month old who can destroy the place in an astonishingly quick amount of time!), find a new home (where? see above), and find a car (can't live in the 'burbs without a car). We've just begun and I'm already exhausted.

20 September, 2011


love love love everything from Ilana Kohn's new fall collection, but these in particular make my heart pitter patter!

19 September, 2011

i got a belated mother's day gift in the mail from a certain loving husband....

15 September, 2011


One of these prints from Wolfie and the Sneak would be perfect in a kitchen or dining room....

want one? go here or here and make a $20 donation for the flood relief in Owego, NY and receive a $20 certificate towards one of these prints.

14 September, 2011

someday when i have a yard, i'd love to enjoy it while relaxing in these..

13 September, 2011


I have been searching for a new living room rug to replace our current one- which pills and sheds like crazy.  Veda loves to pull on it and stuff whatever she gets into her mouth. Not good. Anyway, I sort of thought this would be one of those endless searches where we go months and possibly even years (and let's face it, far beyond the putting-everything-in-her-mouth-stage) before I found one that we actually liked. In part because most things I like are far beyond our price range. Rugs are easy to like in that way. Take for instance these:

Beautiful, but beyond our price range (actually, there was no price listed, which I'm just assuming means they're super expensive... )

Anyway, I'm happy to report that we found our rug(s). We found them at an amazing shop in Idaho. The family that runs the shop have traveled all over the world, collecting rugs and textiles. Many of the rugs are from areas of the world where they will not be able to travel to for a long time (if ever....) because of the ways in which the world has changed in recent years. That made me feel that these rugs were even more of an investment because they are becoming more and more rare. Luckily, they were moderately priced and we got a family discount b/c Andrew's parents have purchased rugs from them before. They're old and worn and beautiful and I can't wait to add our story to the long list of stories that have been woven into the history of these beauties. I feel like a real adult now. We have purchase an heirloom... Something that we'll have forever..
 this rug is from Afghanistan, mid century.
 this rug is from Iran, around 1910

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

12 September, 2011

7 months

Dear Veda,

You are 7 months old!  SO many changes this month!! Time is just flying by now.. This last month has been filled with lots of adventures and milestones. We had a 2 week vacation in Sun Valley, spending time with Rie Rie and Gramps and aunt Talie (who you were so excited to meet!). It was there that a lot of these changes took place. It seems like we left with one baby and came back with another.  It's a whole new world now....

*Before we left, you were just starting to be able to really sit on your own. You were still pretty wobbly though and needed to be watched pretty closely. Now you sit on your own, completely unassisted. You have both of your hands freed up for playing and exploring, which you seem to think is pretty swell. 

*You are crawling! It literally seemed to happen overnight. One day you were rocking back and forth and the next you were putting one hand in front of the other. A few awkward days and then ZOOM, off you went!! In large part, you were motivated by Pancho, the cat. This is a total game changer... You're all over the place now and into everything.

*Just this past week, you've started to pull yourself up - mostly still on your knee's or just up on one foot. Still, it's enough that we decided it was time to lower your crib mattress. Your favorite is to crawl over to me and climb up on me and bounce/rock. The look of pride on your face is hilarious!

*You have 2 teeth now. Eating solids has been going well. You've tried a bunch of stuff. Mostly, we just give you pieces of whatever we're eating (within reason, and without any added salt). Avocado still seems to be a favorite. You're definitely eating a bit more now, though I can't say the mess has decreased at all ;) Still, it's fun to watch you discover the joys of food.

*You are laughing a lot more now- like a real belly laugh that sometimes leads to the hiccups. More of your personality is starting to show through, in general. You are still mostly a happy, inquisitive, friendly girl, though you've started to get a sense of self and at times a sense of urgency about what you want and when. Becoming aware can be hard... you now know when I leave the room, that I'm gone and that can be scary.. it's okay, it just means i get some extra hugs and cuddles these days!

*We finally got rid of the "farm". I don't even think you've noticed. I made 2 soft baskets filled with toys available to you in the living room and it amazes me how quickly you can crawl over and empty the entire contents onto our floor! Most days, we try and spend a few hours out and about. You are happy as can be, taking everything in- watching... listening. On the way home, we'll stop for a swing at the playground. I'm not sure what you like best, swinging or watching all the other kids..

*You are back to sleeping somewhat better, thankfully. In fact, on most days, 2 long naps will replace 3 short ones- which is a nicer schedule for us as well.

I'm really loving this age. I'm sure I"ll keep saying that all along.. but really, this is a  fun time. Even though we have to keep a closer eye on you, you are also able to entertain yourself for long stretches of time. We're all gaining a bit of independence.. It's funny.... we're going to start looking for a bigger place because things are starting to feel really tight around here. And although I'm mostly so so excited to have more space, I realize that there's been really something nice about having this cozy little nest for the first few months of your life. No matter where you are, I can see you from just about any room in the house. We're always close by. And that's not such a bad thing..

love you,

08 September, 2011

yes, please

completely blown away by the work of Jazmin Berakha. This work combines illustration and embroidery. i'm dying to see one in person. love love love

07 September, 2011

the west- part two

here are a few more shots from our trip..
 Veda ready for her first space mission or a walk in her Chariot ; )

 another early morning walk... (it gets into the 40's at night there!)
 Red Fish Lake...
pooped- so much fun! thanks for the memories xoxo

the west- part one

Here are some pictures from our trip visiting our family in Idaho.. We had so much fun hanging out, going for walks, grilling in the backyard and mostly just spending time with family..

 hanging out in the grass...
 a walk into town with Rie Rie
 always going after Pancho
 pool time!
 Red Fish lake
 flowers on our early am walk
 early am walks are pretty lovely actually (even for this non morning person!)
 at the Sun Valley pavillion waiting to see the Trey McIntyre Project

 taking in the views
 hangin' with gramps and Lefty
 poor Pancho...