06 September, 2011

A mover and shaker

While we were on vacation (more on that to come soon), Veda decided it was time to become mobile. She was highly motivated by the cats, especially Pancho, who was incredibly patient and gentle as she chased after him (albeit at a snail's pace) and then proceeded to tug and pull and swat at him. At first, she was a bit awkward...

Fast forward 2 weeks.  the girl is on the move. It's definitely a game changer. We've quickly had to do some minor childproofing and we can no longer put Veda down and expect her to stay put. At the same time, her new found independence means she is capable of entertaining herself for longer periods of time. And she's pretty psyched to be on the go!

songs: Arcade Fire "Wasted Hours" and Devendra Banhart "Baby"

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