12 September, 2011

7 months

Dear Veda,

You are 7 months old!  SO many changes this month!! Time is just flying by now.. This last month has been filled with lots of adventures and milestones. We had a 2 week vacation in Sun Valley, spending time with Rie Rie and Gramps and aunt Talie (who you were so excited to meet!). It was there that a lot of these changes took place. It seems like we left with one baby and came back with another.  It's a whole new world now....

*Before we left, you were just starting to be able to really sit on your own. You were still pretty wobbly though and needed to be watched pretty closely. Now you sit on your own, completely unassisted. You have both of your hands freed up for playing and exploring, which you seem to think is pretty swell. 

*You are crawling! It literally seemed to happen overnight. One day you were rocking back and forth and the next you were putting one hand in front of the other. A few awkward days and then ZOOM, off you went!! In large part, you were motivated by Pancho, the cat. This is a total game changer... You're all over the place now and into everything.

*Just this past week, you've started to pull yourself up - mostly still on your knee's or just up on one foot. Still, it's enough that we decided it was time to lower your crib mattress. Your favorite is to crawl over to me and climb up on me and bounce/rock. The look of pride on your face is hilarious!

*You have 2 teeth now. Eating solids has been going well. You've tried a bunch of stuff. Mostly, we just give you pieces of whatever we're eating (within reason, and without any added salt). Avocado still seems to be a favorite. You're definitely eating a bit more now, though I can't say the mess has decreased at all ;) Still, it's fun to watch you discover the joys of food.

*You are laughing a lot more now- like a real belly laugh that sometimes leads to the hiccups. More of your personality is starting to show through, in general. You are still mostly a happy, inquisitive, friendly girl, though you've started to get a sense of self and at times a sense of urgency about what you want and when. Becoming aware can be hard... you now know when I leave the room, that I'm gone and that can be scary.. it's okay, it just means i get some extra hugs and cuddles these days!

*We finally got rid of the "farm". I don't even think you've noticed. I made 2 soft baskets filled with toys available to you in the living room and it amazes me how quickly you can crawl over and empty the entire contents onto our floor! Most days, we try and spend a few hours out and about. You are happy as can be, taking everything in- watching... listening. On the way home, we'll stop for a swing at the playground. I'm not sure what you like best, swinging or watching all the other kids..

*You are back to sleeping somewhat better, thankfully. In fact, on most days, 2 long naps will replace 3 short ones- which is a nicer schedule for us as well.

I'm really loving this age. I'm sure I"ll keep saying that all along.. but really, this is a  fun time. Even though we have to keep a closer eye on you, you are also able to entertain yourself for long stretches of time. We're all gaining a bit of independence.. It's funny.... we're going to start looking for a bigger place because things are starting to feel really tight around here. And although I'm mostly so so excited to have more space, I realize that there's been really something nice about having this cozy little nest for the first few months of your life. No matter where you are, I can see you from just about any room in the house. We're always close by. And that's not such a bad thing..

love you,

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