27 September, 2011

On the move..

There are lots of changes going on around here these days. Big changes. We've decided to move. We've been thinking about it for a while. We have a lovely but small apartment in a wonderful neighborhood in an amazing city. But... we desperately want to have more space, including some space outside! (It would also be nice not to have to haul a stroller and a baby and the groceries up to the 3rd floor!!). We've been living in tiny apartments the better part of our adult lives, and we're ready for a change. Still... I wake up at 4am and find myself terrified of leaving this place. This home... We're not totally settled on exactly where we'll be moving to- but most likely it will be out of the city. We're going to look in some other neighborhoods in Brooklyn that are bit more affordable- and who knows?? Most likely though we're heading out to an area known as the 'burbs. The 'burbs of NYC, but still.. the 'burbs. Anyway, whatever we decide, we''re currently trying to sell our home (having to have a pristine apartment every weekend for an open house is not fun with a nearly 8 month old who can destroy the place in an astonishingly quick amount of time!), find a new home (where? see above), and find a car (can't live in the 'burbs without a car). We've just begun and I'm already exhausted.


  1. Oh boy, she's crawling! I also saw the pic of her trying to stand up on Facebook. Sheesh, these kids!

    I wish you the best of luck in your new home search!

  2. There are still (a few) affordable places to buy in Brooklyn, keep trying! I heard yesterday that a friend looked at a 3br in Sunset Park for $330k, and we just bought a place on the Clinton Hill/Bed Stuy border that was reasonable (with a backyard!)

    Good luck!

  3. thanks for the good wishes on both fronts. i do believe you're right, there probably are still gems to find in brooklyn.. but there's other things to consider- schools (something i've never considered before). i think we are ready for a big upgrade- like a LOT more room and a big yard. it will be hard to say goodbye to this beloved city, but i'm excited for the possibilities that lie ahead... on to new adventures!!