13 September, 2011


I have been searching for a new living room rug to replace our current one- which pills and sheds like crazy.  Veda loves to pull on it and stuff whatever she gets into her mouth. Not good. Anyway, I sort of thought this would be one of those endless searches where we go months and possibly even years (and let's face it, far beyond the putting-everything-in-her-mouth-stage) before I found one that we actually liked. In part because most things I like are far beyond our price range. Rugs are easy to like in that way. Take for instance these:

Beautiful, but beyond our price range (actually, there was no price listed, which I'm just assuming means they're super expensive... )

Anyway, I'm happy to report that we found our rug(s). We found them at an amazing shop in Idaho. The family that runs the shop have traveled all over the world, collecting rugs and textiles. Many of the rugs are from areas of the world where they will not be able to travel to for a long time (if ever....) because of the ways in which the world has changed in recent years. That made me feel that these rugs were even more of an investment because they are becoming more and more rare. Luckily, they were moderately priced and we got a family discount b/c Andrew's parents have purchased rugs from them before. They're old and worn and beautiful and I can't wait to add our story to the long list of stories that have been woven into the history of these beauties. I feel like a real adult now. We have purchase an heirloom... Something that we'll have forever..
 this rug is from Afghanistan, mid century.
 this rug is from Iran, around 1910

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