08 September, 2010

wild west

i feel like i've been gone forever! we recently returned from 7 lovely days in idaho with our families- that's right, both of our families! and you know what? it was wonderful. we are super lucky to both have such amazing families who not only love and nurture us but genuinely like each other and get along.  whenever i mention to people that we're going to idaho, they say enjoy the midwest. idaho is actually in the west. and it can feel like the wild west. sleepy little towns miles from nowhere... gorgeous mountains and clean rivers... fresh air! such a nice and welcome change. here are a few pics from our trip. thank you again to my in-laws who were the most gracious hosts ever!!
red fish lake

this cute lady is my mom

my stepdad and husband
how cute is this house?
pretty window boxes
andrew and his new old jansport


  1. this was a most wonderful vacation~wayne said it was one of the best vacations he's ever been on! indeed! we are very blessed to have such a wonderful family!

  2. i love your mom's comment because when i saw the picture of wayne i thought "he HAS to think that is totally amazing and worth leaving the homestead for..." truly beautiful.