21 November, 2009

Hello Gorgeous!!

I love polaroid cameras. I have about 5 of them, possibly more hidden away in storage (aka my mom's house).. land cameras, sx70's, and newer versions too. I love the colors they produce, the instant gratification as you watch the image slowly appear, like magic through the emulsion. Over the years, it became more difficult to find film for the older cameras, and now of course production on all film products has stopped. It's been a sad time for analog people. However, there is hope! The Impossible Project, which aims to relaunch production of the film in 2010 is making strides and it looks like this project might not be so impossible after all. In the meantime, this little gem could certainly hold me over..

1 comment:

  1. i have been obsessing over this camera for a year! i want one so badly...