23 November, 2009

Craft Madness

Remember back in September when I was ready to get my craft on? Admittedly, the only one of those projects that I've started is the Charlie Harper needlepoint. And by started, I mean got the pattern and spent 2 hours in Purl picking out yarn for the project. The thing is, I've never actually done needlepoint, so I'll have to teach myself that first. The other problem is that I've started a few additional projects in the meantime, including this and this and this. And just to add to the mix, now I've decided I really want to make a granny square afghan for our couch. I can't decide if I want to do 1 giant granny square like this:

Or a bunch of small granny squares crocheted together like this:

I'm leaning toward the latter. I'm trying to do all of these projects simultaneously, and it's not really working out. I think I need to focus on 1 or 2 at a time. That way, I'll actually make progress and will be motivated to continue. There are just so many great projects out there and so little time... :)
from top: purl, unknown, wren handmade, flickr


  1. i love the pom pom wreath! i have started to make pom pom garlands for the wedding. :)

  2. those will be gorgeous hannah! if you want help, let me know. i even have a pom pom maker ; )

  3. hi heather,

    all of these are lovely! i have been wanting to make the first one (purl) for awhile. i like making the smaller squares too, but am lazy about changing colors so often - and having to sew them all together at the end......