19 June, 2011

happy father's day!

there's something special between a father and a daughter. there was never a safer place in the world than in my dad's arms. his hugs still bring me a peace in my heart that nothing else compares to. knowing the way i feel towards my own father has made it even more special to watch andrew become a father to veda. the way he cares for her and protects her.. the love that pours from his heart every time his eyes fall upon her. and the way her tiny little face lights up when she sees him. one of my favorite parts of becoming a mom has been watching him become a dad.

this is year is even more special because my own dad (and step mom and sister and brother) are all here visiting. happy father's day to veda's dad, my dad, and all the wonderful dads in the world!

(my dad with me and veda, respectively. things have changed just a bit...)