30 November, 2010

i must admit, i feel pretty lucky to have married a man with family in san francisco. not only did i live there for 4 years, but it's one of my favorite places period. this was an especially good trip. i took hardly any pictures at all, but here are a few...
thanksgiving was just the 5 of us at my in-laws. yummy and relaxing and perfect!

 my in laws got 2 new kittens. they are insanely cute. 
no trip would be complete without an almond croissant from boulangerie

one day we took a drive over to the east bay to see the area where my husband grew up. we ended up here at tilden park- a spot i'd never been to before. it had the most spectacular view of the entire bay (which my iphone pic shot directly into the sunlight does not do justice). we drove down through the berkeley hills where i would seriously consider moving to if we ever decide to head back west...
my sister and mother in law threw me a mini shower along with some of my (still) best girlfriends who live in san francisco. it was small and intimate and just perfect. i felt really lucky to have such a wonderful family and to have the kind of old friends who it feels like time never passes...

other highlights of our trip included an incredible dinner at quince- which i've been hearing yummy reviews about for years; meeting esther (and seeing what a good big sister dottie is); staying at a beautiful old hotel; as well as visiting the most gorgeous shop where my friend allie does design work..
feeling very blessed.... hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving! xo

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