12 April, 2011

2 months old

Veda is 2 months old today!

Dear Veda,

This last month, you have continued to become more and more alert and aware of your surroundings. You have really started to make and hold eye contact with people and love to show off your cute little dimples with a great big smile. You seem to be a very social baby and love to be around people and other babies. You can see clearly across the room and have begun tracking our movements as we come and go.

You are getting much stronger and sturdier (as of yesterday, up to 10lbs, 5oz). Your neck control is getting better as well. A few days ago, you actually rolled over from your tummy to your back and have been doing so ever since.

Though I know it can change at any moment, for now at least, you seem to be a really good sleeper. You have sort of developed a pattern of going down around 8-9 and not waking again until 3:00! Then you're up again at 6:00 at which time we usually just pull you into bed with us for an hour or 2. You have started making the cutest noises- little coo's and gurgles. We have long talks in bed in the morning... it's one of my favorite times of the day. You take at least one long nap in the late morning. The only time that's still a bit unpredictable is during the afternoon.

You have begun to take interest in a few toys and objects. You love the colored ball mobile on your mamaroo and will sit for long periods of time "talking" and smiling at them. You are also entertained by your farmyard activity mat and have started to swat at the animals hanging overhead. By far though, the most interesting thing to you is a human face.

You come along to a few mommy and me yoga and pilates classes and seems to love it as much as I do. You lay on a blanket in front of my mat and nap and then wake up and flirt with the baby on the next blanket over. I'm really learning that you are truly a social creature. You are a much happier baby on the days that we get out and do things and see other people and babies.

We've taken you out a bit in your stroller- you particularly seem to like the bumpy sidewalks of brooklyn. But your preferred method of transport- as well as ours for the most part is to wear you- either in the ergo or in my didymos wrap. We've been able to go out to eat at restaurants, grab a drink at a bar, go to friends houses,  and so far, you've been great.

Overall, during your second month you have become much more alert and interactive. You are a pretty easy baby with a laid back, sweet temperment. So excited to see what the next month brings...


here are a few more pics from the last month..


  1. heather, she is soooo cute!!!
    want to meet up next week?

  2. thanks lena! hope you had fun in florida- jealous of warm weather. would love to meet up next week! we had such a great time last wednesday : )

  3. Andrew & Heather

    Veda's proud grandfather sent me the link to this site. The pictures are great! I like to think Andrew had his first baby training when he was staying with us during college just after Elisabeth (now 12 1/2) was born.

    We're really happy for you all.

    p.s. Andrew - you look very cool in the shades.

  4. (found you via wee textile).

    oh goodness, your baby is COMPLETELY GORGEOUS. love! <3