12 August, 2011

6 months old

Dear Veda,

I can't believe my baby is 6 months old already!! How did that happen? You continue to be the happiest, most charming little birdie. You always have a smile for everyone and strangers stop me all the time on the street to say hi to the friendly, happy baby. Your little personality is emerging. You are independent and brave and curious. Above all though, you are SWEET!

There has been lots going on this month...

you weigh 15 lbs. and are 26.3" long

* you can now sit by yourself for a few minutes at a time before toppling over. You never seem to mind when you fall over though.  In fact, you don't seem bothered by much. Except packing tape. The sound of packing tape makes your sweet little face contort into a frowny mess of sadness before you start to cry. It's unbelievably adorable.

* You are pretty darn mobile. Already! Besides rolling around the room or scooting on your back, you now have also added pivoting and belly crawling to your repertoire. Just in the last week you can get up on all 4's and rock back and forth. You will be crawling in no time! sigh.....

* You have started to eat solid foods. Just a bit here and there. So far you've tried sweet potato, carrots, banana, avocado, peaches, nectarines, chick peas, broccoli, zucchini, apples and oatmeal. Though it's way too early to tell, you seem to like avocados and sweet potatoes the best..

* You continue to love music including Bob Marley and the Beatles. Your favorite songs are Pocahontas by Neil Young, You are my sunshine, Everything's gonna be all right by Bob Marley, Eliza Jane by Elizabeth Mitchel, Dancing in the dark by the Boss. But your absolute favorite is The wheels on the bus.. that song brings a smile to your face every time!

* You are becoming more and more vocal. Most mornings you start the day out by talking and squeeking in your crib. Unfortunately, you're doing that at around 5:30 these days.. way too early to start the day!! With all of these exciting developments and milestones, you've been waking a lot more at night... hoping you'll settle into a more restful sleep soon. For your sake as well as ours!

Happy half birthday Veda June. You are a joy and a pleasure to know. I'm so grateful that you're mine.

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