14 November, 2011

9 Months Old

Dear Veda,

You are 9 months old!!  I am starting to feel an intense need to press pause and try to hold on to the moments, which seem to be slipping by quicker and quicker with each passing minute! It seems like just about every day your dad and I look at each other and comment on how much you're changing and growing into your own little person. It's amazing to witness!

Though you have begun to express many different emotions, including frustration and anger, you continue to be, for the most part, an extremely happy and smiley baby. You are a sweet girl and we are so lucky to have you in our lives!

You are taking steps while holding on to the couch or table (I believe they call it "creeping"). In fact, we bought you a little push wagon and you surprised us by taking off down the hall with it!

You are continuing to explore with different foods. Your favorites these days are: avocado (still), fish, yogurt, fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, bananas and pears), chicken, cheese, pasta, tomatoes, cereal, tofu, beans, cauliflower, bread... your not-so-favorites include lentils, carrots and sweet potatoes (you must be the only baby on earth who doesn't like sweet potatoes!)

You love books! Especially books that have flip pages or textures. One of my favorite things is to look over and see you quietly sitting with a book, flipping through it's pages.

One of our favorite excursions is to the tot lot. It's a tiny playground for tiny people located in Prospect Park. You love to crawl around and interact with the other kiddos. There are things to pull up on and bang and make fun noises. There's a tiny slide and lots of leaves to taste!

You have started sleeping through the night!!!! I am so relieved. Not that I didn't love our special late night cuddle sessions.. but after 8+ months I was really started to feel exhausted from lack of sleep. My body still hasn't quite adjusted and I often wake up in anticipation anyway, but hopefully that will change soon. I'm desperate for 8 uninterrupted hours!

You are waving hello and goodbye now, as well as clapping. You babble up a storm, saying mamamama and dadadada (though seemingly without any real meaning attached to it yet), as well as your v's, w's, etc. You're little voice is so cute. I can't wait to hear what you have to say..

All in all, it's been a good month. There has been a lot of (EXCITING) things going on (more on that tomorrow!!!) and you have been a real trooper throughout it all. We love you sweet girl. Thanks for making the last 9 months so much fun!

xoxo mama
picking out a record

play time with dad
you and your new "walker"
this is a place where you are about to be spending a lot of time.........

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