12 December, 2011

10 months

Dear Veda,

Today you are 10 months old! You've started doing all sorts of fun things this month, revealing more and more of your personality. You've got a silly sense of humor and an infectious laugh. During a month of lots of stress (the impending MOVE!!), you've been our relief! Always there to remind us of what is really important, ever in the moment, helping us to enjoy now...

*You now wave hello and goodbye to people and things (your bird mobile after a nap), as well yourself in the mirror (which you think is hilarious).

*You clap your hands, sway and rock back and forth when there is music on. Or if you're standing you dance and sometimes even stomp your foot. Since there's pretty much always music playing in our house, you're becoming quite a little dancing machine!

*You said your first word! Sort of..  It's "muah", like when we're blowing kisses. You haven't gotten the hand gesture down yet, but you're pretty generous with the "muahs".

*You have also started sticking your tongue out at us. Of course we do it back and then we all start laughing. Probably not the best thing to teach you, but it's so darn cute we can't help it!

*You laugh all the time. Recently we were at a restaurant and the table next to us was occupied by teenage girls. You we're completely turned around in your chair, waving at them and vying for their attention. At one point they started laughing at something and you laughed right along with them. It was hilarious. You've also laughed along with other people on the street. You're always trying to interact with others, my social baby...

*You are cruising right along these days and I think it's a matter of time before you are walking on your own. You love your little push cart that we got you, but you also use the wall or our fingers for support to get where you need to go. You can stand completely unassisted for nearly 10 seconds.

*Your hair has gotten longer and curlier, making you look more like a toddler and less like a baby.

*You brush your own teeth and in fact get quite excited when you see your toothbrush come out (you have 6 teeth and maybe 1 more on the way?)

 *You babble all the time. Having little conversations with your stuffed animals, your books, anyone who will listen. I wish I knew what you were saying!

*You have actually started to make the sign for "milk" though, so that is a step forward in communication. We're still working on "more", "all done", etc.

*You measured pretty small at your 9 month appointment, so we're adding all sorts of delicious things to your food- butter, creme freiche, coconut oil. You are a bit picky about what you like and veggies seem to be your least favorite... But there's time for that. You have actually gotten really good at feeding yourself with a spoon. You still love berries, chicken, fish and avocado. Now you're also really into yogurt, bananas and cheese. Some days you wolf it down and others you're hardly interested- which I think is pretty normal. You are clearly happy and healthy, so we're not worried.

*You're continuing to sleep through the night (THANK YOU!) and take 2 really decent naps during the day. Sometimes you still wake up a little early, but for the most part this is a really easy and nice time in regards to sleep (again, thank you!).

* Though you're becoming more independent- spending more time on your own playing; gaining mobility, etc., you're more cuddly than ever. Sometimes, especially right after a nap, you just want to sit in my lap and hug. You've been falling asleep in our arms a lot lately as well. Sometimes, we'll switch off who gets to hold you because I'm pretty sure there's nothing better in the world than the feel of a baby's sweet breath in the crook of your neck. During these moments, I pause and try and memorize the way you feel- the weight of you in my arms, the rise and fall of your chest against mine. It's one of my favorite experiences in life. ever. You are pure joy.

We love you Veda June!
 playing and "reading" on your own
so proud..

all bundled up and ready to go out (there's something hilarious to me about this picture- it almost looks like a school photo or something...)


  1. That's such a sweet post as are the other monthly "letters" about your baby girl, I even look forward to them! This brought a tear to my eye as I too have a too-fast growing 13mth old who's slowly gaining independance and edging away from Mummy's arms. Too right we need to memorise these precious moments x

  2. thank you for the kind words.. it goes by so quickly doesn't it?

  3. oh my, these photos are so touching and beautiful!