13 January, 2012

This was taken early this morning from our window at the Holiday Inn down the street from our apartment.. our last morning in Brooklyn. We got everything packed up yesterday and stayed in the hotel because the movers came at 8:30 this morning and we needed a place where Veda could eat breakfast and nap and be.. We are in our new home now, drinking wine out of paper cups,  exhausted but happy!

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  1. What a beautiful sight to wake up to! Congrats on starting anew! My kids always tell me about the memories they have that they can recall which is when we had our first house and they are such great memories... some that I knew nothing about as they are memories that only each sibling can recall, being that my girls are each two years apart so there was lots of playtime for them and lots of mommy time for me. :) You will love having a home with no neighbors on the other side of the wall and just the feeling of more community and safety. Enjoy your new lives!