09 April, 2012

We spent the holiday weekend in Connecticut with family. Keeping up with a (nearly) 14 month old means I didn't take all the pictures I should have. We celebrated my grandparents 84th and 85th birthdays and I didn't get a single picture... We also took a walk in the woods- which Veda loved, even though she fell down about 100 times. We had to drive back on Easter Sunday, but not before stopping by my aunts for Veda's first egg hunt!

peeling bark off a fallen tree
with nana
her favorite dog, Gibson
searching for eggs


  1. Hi, I completely love Veda's boots, are they Zara? I've seen them on her in a few posts, wondering how they'd look on a boy toddler!

    1. they're minnetonka moccasins. they're great- the first pair of shoes that she can't take off!!