23 October, 2012

Life lately.

It's been a while...
 the swings- always the swings!
I love her love
a "walking stick" bug
a visit from grandparents..
a Brooklyn wedding
a visit with old friends..
I decided the sinks had to go and planted some new pots for the front porch
she is never this still..
taking a pottery class. loving getting my hands dirty again..
she was bummed that I couldn't put the stick back together again..


  1. you've been very busy living, laughing and loving! so wonderful!!!

  2. It's lovely to see the updates! Veda's hair has grown so much (and your's)! I adore the grey sweatshirt in the next to last pic, can I ask where it's from? And the star leggings on the step - Bobo Choses? Can't wait for more pics, Elizabeth.

    1. thanks Elizabeth! The grey sweatshirt was a gift from a friend last year. The brand is Phoenix and Nola but I think I heard that they're not around any longer :( The star leggings are from nununu which I got on Mini Social. Hope this helps!

  3. you're taking a pottery class! excellent!