12 November, 2012

21 Months

 Dear Veda,

Today you are 21 months!! Truthfully, I never really understood why people used months to indicate the age of their babies.  But now I understand that infants and babies grow so quickly and there is so much change month to month that simply using years wouldn't be sufficient. The last 3 months you have become more and more of a little person. You are developing a stronger sense of what you like (and what you don't). You love animals and songs and stories. You are sweet and have unbounded energy.

We have sort of relaxed a bit with food, now that we're a bit more used to your ebbing and flowing appetite and tastes and willingness to try new foods. I always try and offer you something that I know you'll like but am trying not to be afraid to offer you new things as well, even if it means that you don't eat as much. I am really trying hard not to create a picky eater by playing short order cook. You seem to be getting what you need, and though you are still a peanut (roughly 21-22lbs), you are healthy as can be!

You are speaking in (short) sentences now and are able to answer questions with more than just a yes or a no. Last night I mentioned that I was making salmon for dinner and your response was "that sounds yummy". This morning while we were lying in bed, you looked at the fan and said "that's fan. goes round and round woom". I can ask you about your day and you will tell me things you did- recalling events and memories. It blows our mind each and every day!

Your dad has been taking you to swim lessons once a week and you seem to love it. It's pretty amazing to see you willingly stick your head under water and always come up with a big smile on your face. We also took an art class at the ymca. It was fun to let you explore and play creatively (even if that just meant putting the cap and on off the pen).  We continue to take music classes once a week which you love. You've started dancing whenever you hear music and you also love to sing! Abcs, Old Macdonald,  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, You Are My Sunshine, This Old Man, etc. My favorite is when I come upon you singing by yourself. You're really into helping (unload the dishwasher, cooking food with me) and want to be a part of everything. Your favorite toys are your babies, your cars and your toy food. You have also started to really love drawing and will spend a good 15 minutes coloring.

You continue to be a very cuddly girl- though of course you have your moments. For the most part though you are still quick to calm. And despite the challenges of trying to figure out what you want from moment to moment, I am really enjoying this age. You are our little pal now. We truly have fun with you and enjoy your company.


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