04 January, 2010

A new decade

Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a nice break of some sort. We were lucky enough to spend 7 whole days relaxing in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho where my husband's parents live. The whole town was covered in a pretty layer of snow. All of the tree branches looked like someone had come along with a giant tube of icing... so pretty! We took walks, read/crafted by the fire, ate lot's of yummy meals, went for walks in the snow and even went skiing one day (after a VERY long hiatus, I'm glad to say I survived and even had fun once I got over my nerves!). It was the perfect getaway. I hope I can carry some of this relaxation with me into the new year..

from the bus on the way to SV (we had to fly into SLC, then take one of those tiny planes to Twin Falls, and then bus to SV! It's a LONG journey, but well worth it once you're there!)

so happy to finally be there

the most amazing view to wake up to. I miss it already!

progress on the granny squares

an afternoon walk & andrew's new bright orange coat

I love the one burst of color in that tree

pretty Aspen's

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