25 February, 2011

you'll have to forgive me if posting is scarce for the next few weeks. though we are slowly coming out of the fog of the last 2 weeks, we are still very much adjusting to our new life (like typing with only one hand as i am doing now). each day veda becomes more and more alert to her new surroundings- it's really quite amazing to see... like most new moms, i have spent hours just staring at her tiny features- counting her delicate eyelashes and marvelling at the wonder that somehow i had a part in something so beautiful and perfect. there are also moments filled with tears and frustration. exhausted hours in the wee hours of the night trying to find our way through the challenges of breastfeeding.. but we're slowly making our way and in the meantime, trying to focus on being grateful for we are truly blessed!
i did stumble upon this darling idea recently and would love to try and do something similar for veda...

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