12 July, 2011

5 months old

Dear Veda,

Happy 5 months little bird! You are turning into the sweetest, happiest, most life loving person I know. The world has suddenly become SOOO exciting, you can hardly stand it! Every day is a new adventure of discovery. I often wonder what you think of it all...

*You had your first swing at the playground this month. You loved it, even though you were so tiny in the swing, we had to stuff a blanket behind you.

*You had a visit from more grandparents, as well as an auntie and uncle this month. You warmed up to them immediately, like you knew they were your family. It's such a wonderful feeling to see my dad hold you. You are so lucky to have all of your grandparents around to shower you with love!

*You are rolling over from front to back as well as from back to front quite easily now. You are also scooting all over the place these days. Mostly on your back. It's pretty impressive actually. You get into a sort of fish pose and push off with your feet, with your back arched and off of the ground. Your favorite place to go is under the coffee table..

 *Lately, you're babbling up a storm. You've added "m" to  your repertoire of consonants, so sometimes it actually sounds like you're saying "mamama". I like to pretend you are anyway ; )

*I've also been trying to teach you "up" gestures by opening your arms wide. Not sure if you get it or not, but you do seem to do it when you are ready to get out and be picked up..

*This month has been HOT! Luckily, one of your friends from Munchkin Music Class invited you over for a dip in her pool. You love the water! You kicked your feet and splashed around. Mostly though, you just wanted to eat the floaty balls..

*In addition to rolling over and scooting, you are also sitting up a bit unassisted. Though really, sitting seems a bit boring to you when you could be moving (albeit slowly) across the floor. You have been drooling up a storm lately as well, which could be signs of teething. One thing is certain- there is a A LOT going on in your world and it is terribly exciting - much too exciting to take naps anymore! You went from taking 2-3 1.5 hour naps to barely taking 3 1/2 hour naps -and it is now quite the struggle to get you down. You are also waking more at night. We're trying to be patient and hope that this passes as you achieve these milestones, but honestly, it's hard sometimes. Mama needs a good night sleep!! Again, you're teaching me.. to be more patient, trusting, and even more loving in the face of frustration and (at times) anger. Just when I think I can't take it any longer, you look at me like this...
and my heart melts in to a mushy pile. I love you little bird/monkey/love bug
(all my pet names for you). 

your mama

P.S. I'll never get tired of this...


  1. In case you didn't hear...


  2. & you will never get tired of anything veda does!<3