18 July, 2011

The first first

Last night Veda slept in her own room for the first time. It was a change that we kept putting off, even though she was beginning to outgrow her moses basket. There are other reasons for the move as well...  I am hoping I will get a better night sleep knowing that my every toss and turn won't potentially wake her. And really, let's face it, getting un/dressed in the dark is no fun. We also know that it will be nice to have some privacy again. But still, as I got into bed and saw the empty basket, a giant lump swelled in my throat. This would be the first night in 5 months that she wasn't a foot away from me- and that's not to mention the 9 months before! Even though there was only about 7 feet and a wall separating us, it felt much bigger.  It made me realize that this is the first of many firsts, and I was reminded that becoming a parent is a continual lesson in letting go. Of course, Veda made it through the night just fine on her own, and in the end, so did I..


  1. my favorite post yet. these things wrench my heart, but i remind myself that we are continually preparing them for the next "let go". one day our girls might pack up their cars and move across the country, just as we did years ago. what are we going to do then!?

  2. that is not going to happen, right?!! you're right though.. in a way, from the moment they are born, our children are starting to move away from us- becoming more and more independent each day!

  3. beautiful post.
    and random question...
    if you don't mind sharing, what is the font in your banner? it's so so lovely.
    thank you!

  4. thanks louisa! i love that font too! it's called "eloquent"