12 October, 2011

8 months old

Dear Veda,

Today you are 8 months old! I've been reserving my "this is my favorite age"... until now. This is my favorite age. The interaction between us now is so much fun. I look at you and my heart melts into a puddle of love. Your tiny little face with your sweet little nose and perfect rosy cheeks... your never ending smile! You are pure sunshine. A joy. Delight, personified. I'm so glad to know you..

*This month you got 2 more teeth- up top. While they were coming in, your sleep got a bit disrupted, but now we're mostly back to normal. You are even occasionally sleeping through the night, which is SO nice for me!

*In addition to crawling all over the place, you pull yourself up on everything and anything- tables, chairs, walls, people's legs.. You've got the one handed hold down, leaving your other hand free to bang on the table or to reach down and pick up a toy on the ground. You're starting to experiment with transferring weight from one foot to the next and you've even started "creeping" a bit. You seem pretty pleased with the world of opportunities this has opened up to you!

*You are really getting into food these days. I'm surprised at how much food you can eat, since you're still a tiny little thing. You went through a phase where you would shove everything in front of you into your mouth immediately. It was pretty hilarious, though it made me a tad nervous. You handled it fine though and lately you are beginning to understand the joys of one flavor at a time ; )

*For the first time, you seem to be on a true schedule, though I'm sure it could change at any moment. You're up at 7; 1st nap at 9:30 and 2nd nap at 3:00. Your naps are usually at least an hour and a half, which means we both are rested when you get up!

*We're trying to use signs when we communicate with you- just a few.. "milk", "more", "eat", "all done", etc. We sometimes attend a sign a song class in the neighborhood, which is fun. You genuinely seem to be paying attention, some of the time at least!

*We're still going to our Munchkin Music Class once a week. The swings have become a regular stop as well as the tot lot- a park that is just for wee ones. You LOVE it there- you crawl around and pull yourself up and climb on things. You get beyond filthy and of course put everything you find in your mouth. You have a blast!

*You love to get zerberts and tickles. You are getting really good at giving kisses. Peak-a-boo is definitely a favorite and you've learned to pull the blanket on and off your face to elicit our surprise and delight at finding you again and again!

It seems at the rate you're going, you will definitely be walking sooner rather than later, which is a bit frightening, to say the least! It's all going by too fast. I want you to slow down. Stay a baby a little bit longer. But there are just way too many exciting things out there waiting for you to discover!

I love you Veda!