07 October, 2011

Warby Parker

Okay, I know I'm like a million years late on this one, but I couldn't resist sharing anyway because I'm so impressed by the geniuses behind Warby Parker. For $95, you get a pair of prescription eye glasses or polarized sun glasses!! Last year, I updated my eyeglasses for the first time in 9 years. Since it had been so long, I justified the $400 price tag that accompanied them. But still.. it seems unfair that something that I NEED to see should be so cost prohibitive. That's the main idea behind this company. And the coolest part is that for every pair of glasses sold, they give a pair to someone in need! How amazing is that? You can virtually try the glasses on or they will send you up to 5 pairs with a pre paid return label to send them back. Again, brilliant..

btw.. I love saying the name Warby Parker. Warby Parker. Warby Parker. It just rolls off the tongue. Read about where it comes from here

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