16 May, 2012

15 months

Dear Veda,

You are 15 months old now! The first 3 months of your 2nd year seem to have opened up a whole new world for you. You seem like a little person more and more- complete with language and comprehension (or the beginnings there of), a sense of humor (you're a bit of a goofball), and a very distinct personality. Sometimes your dad and I just sit there and marvel at the little person you have become. Even 15 months later, it's hard to believe that you came from us. Here is what's been going on..

* You are running! Not too fast, but there is a spring to your step and a twinkle of mischief in your eye :)

* Your ability to communicate seems to be developing each day. In addition to signing 1/2 dozen words (milk, more, all done, hurt, fish, banana, etc.), you can and do say "mama" (finally!!!), "dada", "nanana" (banana), "shour" (shower), "bud" (bird), "squir" (squirrel), "go", "dog", "car", lots of animal sounds, and really, almost anything that we prompt you to (though some things are a lot more understandable than others). The other day you even said "high chair" (you were also waiving to the chair as you said it- which made me laugh). You really love to shake your head no- regardless of the question, and when you do actually use the word no, it's "no, no, no, no, no" in a pretty cute voice (probably won't be very cute for very long...). Also, you surprise me when I ask you to find something on a page and you can accurately point to it. It always amazes me how much you actually do understand!

*You love to help out and share. You are especially good at helping me to unload the dishwasher. You're getting better at helping to clean up your toys. You've started putting things together instead of only taking them apart (building block towers, putting the lids in the cabinet, etc.)

*somehow eating has become even messier (honestly, I never thought it was possible!). You are really into exploring the food and gravity, and moms reaction to gravity, etc. You are still not a huge eater, but you have started to try new things more and more. We're only nursing once in the morning now. Otherwise you have a bottle of goats milk a few times a day. You're still TINY- (around 19 lbs maybe) but we've mostly stopped worrying about it. You are happy and healthy and that is that!

*We are currently transitioning from 2 naps to 1. It's not been the easiest transition, but I think once we get there it will open up a nice chunk of time in the morning to do those activities we never have been able to make because you've been asleep!

*Your favorite "toy's" are still books. Right now, on repeat we have "Go Dog, Go!", "The Hungry Caterpillar", "My Friends", and always "The Belly Button Book". I bought you a small baby carriage that you enjoy pushing around- though instead of dolls, you usually have your sippy cup, a few blocks and something from the kitchen, like a lid to a pot. You really enjoy going through the kitchen cabinets. There is one that is designated just for you and you will spend 1/2 hour just going in and out of it and testing your voice- inside with the door closed, inside with the door open. It's your little spot. Also, I made you a little play tent that you and I hang out in with books and pillows. You really love to play outside. Whether it's going for a walk or collecting rocks, splashing in puddles or "helping" me garden, you definitely seem happiest when you get a little fresh air. We have a ball that you're surprisingly coordinated at kicking around the yard. You also really enjoy rides in your red wagon. At the playground, you are now able to go down a few of the slides yourself. You have no fear and will wander off to explore (never a dull moment for us!).

These last few months really have been my favorite so far. You're just FUN to be around- and discovering the world again through your eyes has been one of greatest pleasures and surprises of parenthood. Love you Veda June!


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