17 May, 2012

Andrew's parents came for a visit this last week. The last time they were here, we were moving in and the trip was mostly filled with helping us unpack and daily trips to the hardware store. Though we were able to get a few projects done this week with their help, mostly we got to relax and play and enjoy each others company. I feel very grateful to have inherited in-laws that I not only love, but LIKE! Veda, of course, was so happy to have her mama, daddy, gramps and Rie Rie around for a whole week. On mother's day my mom and step dad came down as well. She was in heaven! It was a beautiful day and we had brunch in the backyard and laughed as Veda ran around naked playing in the sprinkler and getting dirty. Here's a bit more from our week..
 at the playground- always with something in her hand (in this case, it's a piece of dried mango)

 with Rie Rie at the playground
 with Rie Rie (and that same piece of mango)
 with gramps
 her cute mother's day dress (that only stayed on the first hour or 2 before spending the rest of day running around naked)
 a morning walk...

 with nana
 3 generations
so grateful to be this girls mama!!


  1. I love the red dress with the embroidery! So cute. Do you mind sharing where it is from?

    I found your site through Wee Textiles. Love your photos and all the beautiful outfits you and your daughter wear.

  2. aw thanks : ) the dress is by peek, little peanut and I got it at nordstrom a while back. it was a new brand to me and i liked all the stuff i saw!