10 June, 2012

A few months ago, I made this play tent for Veda (I had a lot of help from Andrew, who cut all of the wood). What I love about this design is that it comes apart and can easily be moved or stored.  I'm planning on definitely bringing it out in the yard this summer.

I love catching her reading her books

lately, she's decide the outside of the tent is just as interesting as the inside...
and makes a great place to sit!
I found the inspiration and directions here..


  1. This is a lovely play corner, what a great tent! I particularly love the textiles you've used and that cushion, is it home-made? Also, a brilliant idea for toy storage, a metal basket...

    1. thanks for the kind words.. I made the cushions years ago from fabric that I found on ebay. I still love that print to this day! and I think the basket is almost more entertaining to her than the actual contents- dump out, put back in, dump out, etc. : )

  2. knowing you as i do, i am not surprised how AWESOME this is!