12 August, 2012

18 Months

Dear Veda,

You are 18 months old!  1 and a 1/2 years you have been with us now.. hard to believe, and yet, I don't really remember life without you either. You are becoming more of a little girl and less of a baby each day- with your increasing vocabulary, your sense of humor and your generous hugs. Here's a rundown of you at 18 months...

*You've reached the 20 lb mark! You have really become adept at feeding yourself, especially with a spoon, though you're getting better with a fork and have even tried your hand at chop sticks (which mostly consisted of stabbing the food). You continue to be a rather picky eater and I fear I've become lazy and have settled into a routine of giving you the same meals over and over. Mostly because there are few things more frustrating then spending time making a meal only to have it refused (like not even a taste). But the foods you do eat are healthy: salmon, kale chips, beans, lentils, almond/peanut butter toast, all kinds of fruit (peaches and watermelon are your new favorites), pasta, turkey meatballs, curry vegetable soup (pretty much the only way I can get you to eat most veggies), some chicken, yogurt, cheese and whole grain crackers. We are totally finished with breastfeeding, which is bittersweet... you are now drinking about 16oz of goats milk each day and I don't see that changing anytime soon as you LOVE your milk!

*During the last 3 months there has been an enormous jump in language for you- both in your comprehension as well as your ability to communicate. You have an impressive vocabulary- in part because you have a LOT to say! You easily put 2 words together ("mama seeping"- first thing in the morning when you wake up and I'm still groggy), and are starting to put together 3 ("go in pool"). We're working on adding "please" ("peatt") and "thank you" ("tanka"). You surprised me the other day by understanding (and completing) and 2 part request ("go get your shoes from your play tent and bring them to me so I can put them on"). You crack me up when you take off running and yell "wunning" as you go.. you love walking around the house with a phone (or remote) to  your ear saying "hallow" over and over. It's hilarious.

* You are definitely a major goof ball... You have this funny walk that you do where you stick your neck out in front of you and take big wide steps; You like to tickle us; You have a funny laugh that you make in the back of your throat; You definitely like an audience...

*You are most certainly now into the toddler years and sometimes have difficulty managing your emotions (don't we all). You are still relatively easy to calm down though. We do are best to set limits while being empathetic to your feelings. I want you to feel like your feelings matter even if I can't actually give you what you want. It's not always easy... You are also an enormously affectionate child. Often seeking out (and demanding at times ; ) hugs and cuddles. There's pretty much nothing sweeter in the world than the feeling of your little hands wrapped around my neck.

*Being outside is definitely top of your list. We spend a lot of time in our yard (you love to help water the garden), walking the streets of our neighborhood, at one of the various playgrounds or just taking a walk in the park. We don't get very far, but it's actually quite nice  to go slow and really take in our surroundings. It's just as good for me as it is for you. You have an affinity for rocks and have quite a collection going. You like to always have something in your hand- and it's often a rock! You have really gotten into your baby dolls. You have 2 and I found them both second hand and to be honest they're a tad creepy. But you love them and take them for walks in the stroller (you drag the stroller behind you rather than push it though which I find amusing), feed them in the highchair, bathe them with you. In fact, you have a minor obsession with babies- both real and fake- which also amuses me.. Besides your "baybee", you're also really into cars and love to make car sounds as you drive them around the house. You're enjoy playing with your rocking horse, phone, books, and anything with a lid. You love water- be it the kiddie pool, a lake, the ocean, etc. except when it comes to taking a bath!!

*2 days a week now you are going to a place called the Little Tree House. There are usually about 3-4 other kids there and you seem to love the interaction. The woman's name who cares for you is Michelle and you adore her. It's been really great for me to get a break and to be able to start doing some things for myself again. By the end of the day though, I literally cannot wait to see you. 

*The heat and humidity this summer has REALLY brought out your curls. I had curly hair when I was a baby but not quite like yours. It's pretty darling. People often stop and tell me that you have a very old fashioned look to you- with your ringlets and pale skin.

I'm enjoying these days with you. You're becoming my pal and I enjoy your company. You're sweet, persistent, curious, funny, loving and kind.  I love watching you emerge, each day becoming more and more YOU.

all my love always,

mama and Veda..

taking "baybee" for walk..

feeding "baybee"..

lying around, listening to records..

 watching the sunset with papa..

taking a break during one of our walks..

 eating peaches on the porch..

in her first mumu..

 in her first pair of chucks..

many trips to the playground..



  1. Hi Heather! I love readng your letters to Veda, they remind me of my feelings for my own 3 kids, particularly the 22 mth old who has ringlets just like Veda's. I also love to look at your stylish pictures, do you always use an iphone? Which app do you use to edit them? Thanks for sharing with us, Elizabeth.

    1. what kind words Elizabeth, thank you! congrats on your 3 little ones : ) I use a combo of phone and camera.. though all of these pictures in this post were taken on my phone and then filters were added in instagram. I know there are other apps, but I pretty much stick to this one. Have fun!

  2. hi heather , i hope its ok that i comment on your beautiful site. veda was a special part of sian's book and its wonderful to see the changes in her since then. she's gorgeous.smart and seems to have a great sense of humor- all things that are important in life! thanks for sharing her. pat [also , i dont know which setting to pick to post this comment so i hope it works...ask sian, im useless electronically]

    1. you are so sweet pat! i'm so honored that Veda is a part of Sian's book. It's amazing and I'm super excited that her talent is being shared with everyone. You must be so proud!!