08 August, 2012

We went to the Cape a few weeks ago with some friends who have a family home there. It was a great weekend, filled with swimming, beach combing, afternoon naps, lot's of delicious meals from the sea,  and time spent with dear friends. Thanks Jonah and Hannah for such a lovely weekend!!
 having meals here was such a treat...

our lovely hosts.. 

loving the bay!
hunt and gather...
storm on the horizon..
I could eat this way always...
pretty purple ombre..

beach nap...
... means a rare break to read to an actual magazine!

 best attempt at family photo...
napping with built in pillow cheeks!


  1. What a fun trip. I loved all your photos...especially the dark clouds against the water...very pretty.

    Love the little yellow print shirt your baby is wearing.

    Found your blog a while back and bookmarked you. However, I never left a comment! Your blog is very cute. =)


    1. so nice to hear from you Elizabeth and thanks for stopping by : ) btw, the bounty from your garden looks AMAZING!!