18 May, 2010

hope you all had a nice weekend! i was lucky to have my dear old friend laura in town for a visit. back in 2000 she and i packed all that we owned into her vw and headed out to san francisco. 10 years later, we're both back on the east coast (though in different states), married, and she's a mommy of 2! i really cannot believe that 10 years have gone by. where does the time go??
this was us about 9 years ago (note the real polaroid - sigh...). please forgive the ridiculous kissy face i'm making. it was about 2:30 in the morning when this shot was taken. love our faux fur trimmed coats.. that apartment had no heat for the first 4 months or so that i lived in it- we we're always freezing!
and here we are now... no longer in our twenties, but that's okay. in fact, it's more than okay. along with the sudden onset of laugh lines comes a sense of comfort and security. we're no longer wondering so much where we are going... we're on the path. and though we still have a long ways to go, at least now we can afford to heat the place..

note: this was meant to be posted yesterday, but due to computer problems, it's going up today- which is fitting because today is laura's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND!! xoxo