24 May, 2010

A while back at the Brooklyn Flea, I came across some gorgeous plates by Jean Burkhalter. They were abstract florals done in the most vivid colors. It was love at first sight. But they were a bit pricey for a spontaneous Flea Market purchase. I decided to do some research... It was difficult to find a lot of information except that Jean Burkhalter was a french  designer, painter and architect in Paris during the 20's - 30's. The plates that I found are from a series called Collection Decors et Couleurs, Album No. 2- which consists of 70 beautiful floral pochoir designs on 18 plates (pochoir designs are like really elaborate stencils). And they're apparently rather rare and difficult to find... A few weeks later (and a week before my birthday- how convenient!), I went back to the Flea hoping but seriously doubting they would still be there. Lucky for me, they were! This is the one I picked out..
We took it to be framed this weekend and put it up in the living room. Such a good find! ♥