28 May, 2010

Today is my mom's birthday. Besides being the most loving and supportive mother a person could ask for, she is a lovely, wonderful woman. She is one of those people who truly make the world a better place to be in- always with a smile and a laugh or a shoulder to lean on. Everyone loves my mom... because there is so very much to love. Happy Birthday mom. I love you dearly!!!



  1. thank you most wonderful daughter! you've got me happy crying! I love you so much xoxo

  2. Gorgeous woman!
    We are blessed to call her friend!!
    ~Deanne 'n Doug in Tahoe

  3. Glorious tribute from a fabulous daughter, who is the greatest gift of all. SO glad you were born on this day. Much, much love, pc

  4. This is so very beautiful and touching that it made me cry! Beautiful mother ~ gracious daughter ~ both are heaven sent! Bethie

  5. You are both so very blessed to have a such a close relationship!
    Lucky are you both to feel so much love whenever you just think of one another!
    It will only grow stronger each year from here on.........