14 May, 2010

I guess I've been a bit lazy and neglectful around here lately. I've just had a lot going on- and besides, it was my birthday! Birthdays are funny little things.. they simultaneously fill me with a sense of love and appreciation for all of the amazing friends and family I have, while at the same time they make me question and analyze and reflect and wonder what it means that another whole year has passed?? I'm officially at an age that I can remember my own mother being...and that is weird! But! I am here and I am healthy and I am truly blessed beyond belief and for all of that I am truly grateful. Lest you think I've just been wallowing in my own existential crisis, here are some of my favorites from around the blogosphere this week. Have a great weekend!!
loved this colorful sneak peak of Lula Aldunate's place in Buenos Aires (Lula also happens to be one of my very favorite names so perhaps I was swayed from the start).

amazing styling by Musubi via Oh Joy!

Perhaps if I had one of these, I would write more letters... via poppytalk

this dreamy video by Masscob

Masscob Spring Summer 2010 from Masscob on Vimeo.

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